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Rumble promotes a video featuring the lizard people conspiracy theory among its selected “editor picks”

By Alex Kaplan (MMFA)December 19, 2023, , ,

The video, titled “Lizard Climate Scam ReeEEeE Stream 12-03-23,” was featured in Rumble’s “editor picks” section on December 4.

Rumble, an extreme right-wing video-sharing platform that has been the official streaming site of the 2024 Republican presidential primary debates, on December 4 listed as one of its “editor picks” a video featuring a conspiracy theory about supposed “lizard people” controlling the world.

The lizard people conspiracy theory, also known as the reptilian conspiracy theory, was popularized by infamous conspiracy theorist David Icke. Business Insider noted the likely antisemitic background of the concept, noting that Icke’s written commentary about the conspiracy theory is “clearly evocative of the centuries-old blood-libel conspiracy theory, which alleged that a cabal of Jews were controlling the world and drinking the blood of Christian children.” [...]

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