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Kémi Séba promotes anti-French sentiments in West Africa

By Eliud Akwei & Mitchelle Awuor (iLAB)January 12, 2024, ,

Find out more about events involving Kémi Séba that led to the spread of anti-French narratives in West Africa

Russia’s strategic move to engage Africa-friendly figures in spreading its propaganda has given rise to a network of Pan-African influencers. This group significantly shapes the pro-Russian narratives in West Africa, particularly advocating for the reduction of French and Western influence in the Sahel, while promoting Russian involvement in the region. A central figure in this network is Kémi Séba, a prominent pro-Russian French-Beninese influencer who has played a pivotal role in fostering anti-French sentiments in West African countries like Chad and Mali. [...]

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