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This resource provides concise updates on conspiracy theories, including Key Actors, Media & Organizations and Narratives & Terms.

Deep State

05 April 2024
'Deep State' is often used to describe the alleged connections between intelligence services, the political world, and organized crime. Conspiracy theorists like Peter Dale Scott, QAnon supporters, far-right YouTubers, and some intellectuals employ the concept to attribute various plots and manipulations to an undefined entity without providing any substantial evidence or implicating specific individuals. Their […]
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Neturei Karta

04 April 2024
The radical anti-Zionist Hasidic Jewish sect Neturei Karta has attracted international attention as "Hamas's useful idiots" since the October 7, 2023 pogrom by the terrorist group in Israel. Small groups of its members, estimated at around 5000 worldwide, have frequently joined violent, often antisemitic rallies led by pro-Palestine activists in cities like London, New York […]
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Alex Jones

27 March 2024
Alex Jones is an American far-right radio show host and prominent conspiracy theorist who runs InfoWars, one of the most influential conspiracy websites. The extreme-right media platform created in 1999 receives more than 10 million visits a month (SimilarWeb data) and generates annual sales estimated at several tens of millions of dollars. Jones spreads a […]
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Alain Soral

21 March 2024
E&R ( operates as a Soral fan club, openly spreading “national-socialist” ideology and advocating for the reconciliation of the "left of labor and the right of values to avoid civil war." Since Soral set up the site in 2007, E&R has established itself as the undisputed flagship of France’s conspiracy sphere, accumulating millions of visits […]
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The Galactic Federation

19 March 2024
In conspiracy mythology, the Galactic Federation (or Intergalactic Confederation) is the name given to an alleged organization grouping together several extraterrestrial civilizations. According to the legend, these civilizations have covertly collaborated with the United States and Israel for decades in scientific and military efforts. Adherents of this conspiracy theory initially identified exclusively with "ufologists" or […]
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Kemi Seba

13 March 2024
Kemi Seba is a French and Beninese black supremacist and pan-African agitator who has gained notoriety for spreading antisemitic, pro-Kremlin and virulently anti-French conspiracies.  A key player in the fomented backlash against France and French and Western interests in the Sahel region and across West Africa, he was designated by the US State Department in […]
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David Irving

06 March 2024
He never obtained a university degree, but wrote dozens of books about World War II, typically from Adolf Hitler’s point of view. The 1977 book Hitler’s War, in which he claims the Nazi dictator had no knowledge of the Holocaust, is his best known. Irving first met the French negationist Robert Faurisson in September 1983, […]
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Nation of Islam

28 February 2024
Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1930 by Wallace Fard Muhammad, the Nation of Islam (NOI) advocates Black supremacism and the creation of an Afro-American nation separate from whites, whom it considers inferior beings and often refers to as "devils". Although it claims to be part of Islam, the NOI's practices and beliefs set it apart, […]
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Color Revolution

19 February 2024
'Color Revolution' is an expression used to stigmatize a popular movement by suggesting that it is artificial and controlled from abroad. Widely used in the contemporary conspiracy lexicon, the term historically referred to a peaceful popular revolution reflecting the genuine aspirations of a civil society exasperated by fraud, corruption and the stifling of civil liberties. […]
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14 February 2024
Sputnik ( is a Kremlin online propaganda platform launched in November 2014. Its anti-Western editorial line is similar to the Moscow-sponsored English-language TV channel Russia Today (RT). Sputnik now publishes content in more than thirty languages.  Denunciations of  the methods and content of Sputnik are comparable to those leveled at RT. A joint French report on […]
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