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Nation of Islam

28 February 2024
Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1930 by Wallace Fard Muhammad, the Nation of Islam (NOI) advocates Black supremacism and the creation of an Afro-American nation separate from whites, whom it considers inferior beings and often refers to as "devils". Although it claims to be part of Islam, the NOI's practices and beliefs set it apart, […]
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14 February 2024
Sputnik ( is a Kremlin online propaganda platform launched in November 2014. Its anti-Western editorial line is similar to the Moscow-sponsored English-language TV channel Russia Today (RT). Sputnik now publishes content in more than thirty languages.  Denunciations of  the methods and content of Sputnik are comparable to those leveled at RT. A joint French report on […]
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The People’s Voice

31 January 2024
The People's Voice ( is a disinformation outlet operated out of Los Angeles by former BBC television producer and conspiracy theorist Sean Adl-Tabatabai. The pro-Putin website (formerly named and specializes in hoaxes and has published a variety false stories about the 9/11 Attacks, Pizzagate, Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, COVID-19, Karl Schwab and […]
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America's Frontline Doctors

03 January 2024
America's Frontline Doctors is an anti-vaxxer, pro-hydroxychloroquine collective of medical practitioners that emerged during the Covid-19 crisis. It is closely tied to the conservative American Tea Party Patriots Action organization. The group gained notoriety in July 2020, when the far-right website Breitbart posted a live video featuring a group of doctors dressed in white coats […]
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20 December 2023
InfoWars ( is a highly influential and popular American conspiracy media platform. Launched by Alex Jones in 1999, the extreme right site receives more than 10 million visits per month (SimilarWeb data) and generates approximately several tens of millions of dollars of income per year.  Sometimes described as a kind of TV shopping show specialized […]
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Internet Research Agency (IRA)

26 November 2023
The Internet Research Agency (IRA) is a Russian company located in St. Petersburg. In reality, it is a “troll factory” financed by the Kremlin, whose existence was discovered in 2013 by Russian journalists pretending to be candidates applying for jobs there. The regional press, including Finnish and Polish news outlets, then got hold of the […]
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Press TV

23 November 2023
Created in 2007 and modeled on Russia Today (RT), Press TV defines itself as an "Iranian international news channel with the participation of Middle East specialists". Its slogan is "Voice of the Voiceless". In January 2012, the United Kingdom revoked its license for lack of editorial independence from the government of the Islamic Republic of […]
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Neturei Karta

19 October 2023
Counting a few thousand members worldwide, Neturei Karta rejects atheism, non-religious Jews and equality between men and women, and considers the existence of a secular Jewish state to be heretical. They believe that the restoration of Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel can only take place with the arrival of the Messiah. They consider […]
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New Eastern Outlook (NEO)

25 May 2023
New Eastern Outlook (NEO) is an English-language Russian conspiracy site that describes itself as offering "unbiased expert opinions" on news ranging "from Japan to the remote coast of Africa".  According to Newsguard, NEO is controlled by the Russian Academy of Sciences, known for publishing false information about the coronavirus pandemic and Covid-19 vaccines developed in […]
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