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Eva Vlaardingerbroek, the Dutch Extreme Right Influencer Gone Global

In record time, Dutch student Eva Vlaardingerbroek has become an international far right influencer. Her tweets on X are gaining an audience of millions from retweets by Elon Musk. But who is this young woman and what is her message?

Speech by Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek at the 2024 CPAC Hungary convention (screenshot from YouTube).

Little in her past seemed to indicate that Eva Vlaardingerbroek would have so much influence at the age of only 27. Her career to date has been comprised of short-lived extremist engagements, from her membership of the far right Forum for Democracy and a brief love affair with party leader Thierry Baudet; her links to a legal firm; and her role as a presenter at Riks, a YouTube channel founded by the Sverige Demokraterna (a party founded by Swedish neo-Nazis). At one point she was well known for being girlfriend of the French far right activist Julien Rochedy.

Nowadays, it seems that no international identitarian or ultraconservative congress can take place without Vlaardingerbroek being one of the speakers. This is remarkable because the young activist is not known for having achieved anything in particular, apart from successful self-promotion. She is a self-declared great defender of farmers in Europe, the United States and Canada, but no one had heard of her before the recent protests. Vlaardingerbroek manages to be at the forefront wherever there is unrest in society and tries to get her far-right identitarian ideas accepted there.

Her message is of startling simplicity: an evil global elite of neo-Marxists seeks the downfall of the Christian, white and heterosexual West. This is an ideology that, not coincidentally, has much in common with other far right demagogues. In this worldview there is only one problem - immigration - and therefore one solution: deportation of all non-Western individuals.


Vlaardingerbroek employs an anti-intellectual strategy mainly aimed at appealing to primal emotions. Her methods are identifiable as “rage farming” and “angertainment". When criticized, she will play the victim, as is typical of far-right populists. Although trained in legal matters, she does not have a high regard for international humanitarian treaties. In fact, she is in favor of abolishing the 1951 Refugee Convention, established in response to the horrors of the second World War.

What is particularly striking in her appearances in far-right media is the huge amount of disinformation spread. Unhindered by any knowledge, she has claimed the most insane nonsense on topics like migration, crime, the climate crisis and vaccines. At one point, she even warned against sunscreen, which she claimed would cause infertility.

Central to her story is precisely the fertility of white women, which is what is causing the “white race” to disappear. Not enough white babies are being born and that is the fault of neo-Marxist, left-wing feminism. Women are prevented by feminism from fulfilling their 'natural' role:  giving birth to and raising offspring. For Eva herself, of course, this does not apply. Because despite her frantic hammering on the importance of the traditional (heterosexual) family, she is not married with children.

In her search for an 'objective' and 'absolute' measure of truth, she naturally ended up with God, and in particular the Catholic God from Rome. Admittedly not the Rome where Pope Francis is in charge, but certainly in its most reactionary ranks. Protestantism had become too soft for her and too tolerant of all kinds of modern views and opinions. In an interview she said:  "I was baptized in the Protestant church and attended the Protestant church for years as a child, till my father decided to join my mother at [Catholic] Mass about 15 years ago. He decided to join her, because he was fed up with how politicized (leftist) our Protestant church had become." Incidentally, the same was true of her father Kees Vlaardingerbroek himself. Together with his daughter, he converted to the Catholic faith in London in 2023. Her father does not lag behind in radicalism, and the celebration of “Great Replacement” theories.

American connection

Vlaardingerbroek’s conservative religious views will not hurt her career in the heavily religious United States where she increasingly resides. She leans heavily against the primal conservative wing of American Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland, who is a frequent guest at all sorts of gatherings where Donald Trump is presented as the last hope for white America. Strickland and Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon are both associated with Catholics for Catholics, a propaganda machine for Trump's re-election.

Her international breakthrough came when she was introduced as an expert on European matters by Tucker Carlson (then still at Fox News). Every time there was something to report about what was going on in Europe, Vlaardingerbroek was allowed to comment on his show and explain that it was all the fault of non-Western migrants brought in by the globalist, neo-Marxist elite to replace the original white population.

After Carlson, just about every far-right talk show in the United States followed suit. For instance, she was a guest on Steve Bannon's War Room and was also interviewed by Britanny Pettibone-Sellner, the wife of Austrian identitarian activist Martin Sellner, who is regularly banned from entering countries because of his extremist views. This is because he was in contact with Brenton Tarrant, who carried out the bloody attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019, killing 51 Muslims outside a mosque. Pettibone-Sellner also published a book of interviews with pro-Putin Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin, along with another American far-right influencer, Lauren Southern.

The message of Vlaardingerbroek on these shows is again always very simple: there is an evil leftist elite (including The World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, The World Health Organisation, The European Union, The United Nations, …) bent on destroying white European cultural heritage and its economy. In her worldview, farmers embody this white European, Christian culture. The globalists want them to disappear to make way for non-Western (i.e. non-white) migrants.

Vlaardingerbroek was present at the extreme right Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) meeting in April 2024 in Budapest, Hungary and gave an inflammatory speech that spread very rapidly online thanks to another retweet by Elon Musk. In this speech about the “Great Replacement” she repeated her well-worn themes about pervasive anti-white criminality by migrants without reliable research or evidence, citing unverified examples from Sweden, France and the United Kingdom.


Vlaardingerbroek enjoys socializing with conspiracy theorists and hate mongers. She seems to be friendly with almost everyone on the far right. A case in point is the Mexican actor and activist Eduardo Verástegui, who was involved with the QAnon cult movie “Sound of Freedom” that has been endorsed by Donald Trump, Giorgia Meloni, and Javier Milei. Although the film itself does not contain references to QAnon, lead actor Jim Caviezel (who previously played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson's controversial movie “The Passion of the Christ”) continues to spout QAnon falsehoods. On a recent episode of Steve Bannon's podcast, Caviezel claimed "the whole adrenochrome empire" is driving demand for trafficked children. "It's an elite drug that they've used for many years," he asserted, falsely claiming it is "10 times more potent than heroin" and "has some mystical qualities as far as making you look younger." The film was actually filmed before QAnon conspiracy theories became a widespread phenomenon. The harvesting of Adrenochrome is a urban myth that originated in the novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream” by Hunter S. Thompson, that was made into a film starring Johnny Depp.

Another extremist at the CPAC gathering in Budapest was the American conspiracist Jack Posobiec, a known white supremacist and antisemite who pushes the Pizzagate conspiracy and Russian disinformation. According to Southern Poverty Law Center Posobiec “has posed for smiling photos with leaders of the neofascist Proud Boys. Posobiec has targeted Jewish reporters with antisemitic hate and collaborated with, and marched alongside, Polish far-right extremists in Warsaw.” Vlaardingerbroek is unconcerned and has retweeted one of his racist messages on X. She even co-hosted AmFest 2023 with Posobiec.

Source: Eva Vlaardingerbroek/X, 11/16/2023.

Vlaardingerbroek has claimed we do not need evidence at all about the “Great Replacement” because we can all see it with our own eyes that our cities are ‘invaded’ by immigrants. Cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, and London have been conquered by what she describes as a foreign army with the help of the corrupt liberal/marxist elite, who has declared war on the white ‘natives’. She posits a reversal of historical events with the ‘white race’ as the innocent victim of a colonial aggressor. It is unclear if her statements are based upon any data, but in any case they are not correct. Foreigners make up 56% of Amsterdam's population, she claimed. However, according to data of the municipality of Amsterdam, it is 36%, and the majority of newcomers are from Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. She said that violent crime is a “new problem” that started with the arrival of immigrants, as if European cities never knew crime before and were havens of tranquility and peace. Which is of course contrary to all known historical facts.

Instead of sound historical facts, Vlaardingerbroek seems to prefer apocalyptic fiction like “The Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail, an inspiration to many extreme right wing leaders. Marine Le Pen, who knew Raspail personally and spoke at his funeral, drew a lot of inspiration from this dystopian novel. The book depicts the destruction of Western civilization through Third World mass immigration to France and the Western world. Italian researcher Leonardo Bianchi wrote: “Although Raspail has repeatedly said that he is not racist nor that he belongs to the far right, the book is a very long tirade against the "false do-gooders" (priests, intellectuals, journalists, activists and "left-wing" politicians) and is full of racist descriptions. The so-called "people of the Ganges" are constantly dehumanized and reduced to a shapeless mass that wallows in their own feces, indulges in promiscuous orgies, contracts every type of disease and is driven by feral impulses.”

‘Genocide’ of the White Race

People in the West are completely ‘brainwashed’ by leftists in schools and universities about their history and taught to hate their white, Christian past, according to Vlaardingerbroek. If there is such a thing as racism, it is anti-white racism. In fact, there is a “genocide" of the white race that is unfolding before our eyes. What is needed is a revolution from the countryside, because the cities are already lost for the white, Christian cause. Vlaardingerbroek never mentions the Holocaust in her tweets but she complained about the ‘blackmail’ by the Anti-Defamation League and promoted the hashtag #BanTheADL on X.

Source: Eva Vlaardingerbroek/X, 09/02/2023.

What the people in the West need in her eyes, is a strong and charismatic nationalist leader like Vladimir Putin, who stands for his own people and is proud of its past. In fact, she says he was provoked into the war with Ukraine by NATO, making the war the fault of the globalists in the West. After Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin she was lyrical about him.

In an interview with Jordan Peterson she said that the global elite is organized in the United Nations and they pursue a “communist” agenda, just like the Dutch government and the European Union. All of these are controlled by a small, extremely powerful group of people. Her views closely resemble the conspiracy fantasies of the reactionary John Birch Society in the 1950s. They also considered the United Nations to be controlled by “communists”. In fact, they even suspected president Dwight Eisenhower to be a secret agent of the “communists”. Back then they were considered too bizarre to be taken seriously by normal people, whereas nowadays this message finds millions of people thanks to X, YouTube and other ‘social’ media.

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Pepijn van Erp & Peter Zegers
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