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Pro-Kremlin sources spread conspiracy theory alleging US ‘climate weapons’ caused storm in Crimea

By Sayyara Mammadova (The Atlantic Council’s DFRLab)November 30, 2023, ,

The news reports referenced the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the February 2023 earthquake in Turkey.

A severe storm system moved through the Black Sea this week, impacting occupied Crimea and parts of Ukraine and Russia, leaving millions without heat and power. Amid the storm, pro-Kremlin sources re-circulated an old conspiracy theory suggesting US-based entities were complicit in the storm’s creation.

The conspiracy theory accuses the United States of having a technological program that can control the weather. The DFRLab observed five Russian news websites amplifying this old conspiracy theory in the context of the recent storm in Crimea, including Ukraina.ruKomsomolskaya PravdaDon24Crimea News, and Privet Rostov. [...]

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