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New age 'conspiritualism' focus of new Australian research as young people turn away from traditional religion

By Erin Parke (ABC News)December 29, 2023, , ,

Lead researcher Anna Halafoff says the subject is poorly understood.

At a breezy bush camp in the Kimberley, Raquel Teixeira is gazing into a mirror seeking a moment of truth. She inhales deeply and smiles quietly.

"There's change coming, and it's going to be huge," she says.

Raquel is among a growing number of people embracing a personalised set of new age spiritual practices and beliefs — a trend experts say was accelerated by the COVID pandemic.

New age spiritualism is nothing new. It emerged in the 1970s as part of a counter-culture movement drawing upon nature worship, occultism, Asian philosophies, and alternative medicine. [...]

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