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Post-Pandemic Developments of 'Reichsbürger' and Sovereignists in Germany

By Jan Rathje (CeMAS)December 5, 2023, , , ,

The report provides evidence that elite soldiers and police officers within and outside the sovereignist milieu have been deliberately recruited for the implementation of “Day X” plans.

The CeMAS report "From the Crisis to the Reich".

In the CeMAS report titled “From the Crisis to the Reich”, significant trends within the conspiracy-ideological sovereignist milieu of “Reichsbürger” and other groups in Germany since the COVID-19 pandemic are analyzed. The report characterizes conspiracy-ideological sovereignism as a component of the German far right with a longstanding antisemitic tradition. The sovereignist milieu promotes a political order focusing on inequality and shares antisemitic world conspiracy myths, along with revisionist ideas such as the restoration of a German Reich. Furthermore, it is noted that the size and resonance of the milieu exceed the figures presented by German authorities.

The report also elucidates how the utilization of “alternative” media channels, particularly on Telegram, enabled sovereignists to disseminate and normalize their ideology during the pandemic. [...]

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