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WEF 'Disease X' session fans pandemic conspiracy theories

By Rob Lever (AFP USA)January 19, 2024,

The World Economic Forum (WEF) held a panel in January 2024 on preparing for a hypothetical future pandemic dubbed "Disease X," which social media posts claim is evidence of a plot to create a global health catastrophe -- repeating debunked Covid-19 conspiracy theories. This is false; the session included a dialogue on mitigating potential risks, and experts say these efforts can help limit the impact of new outbreaks.

"Disease X is coming. But it isn't some chaotic pandemic we must manage. It is a genocidal kill weapon agreed upon by the worst members of humanity," says InfoWars founder Alex Jones -- who made millions by spreading conspiracy theories about mass shootings and Covid-19 -- in a January 17, 2024 post on X, formerly Twitter. [...]

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