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The Death of Tafari Campbell and the Conspiracy Theories that Followed

Tragic Death in Edgartown: On July 23, 2023, Barack Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell drowned during a solitary paddleboarding excursion. At 45 years old, Campbell's life was cut short. His body was recovered the following day in a pond near the summer residence of the former President in Massachusetts. Witnesses described a brief struggle to […]
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Killing Conspiracy

Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 59 percent of Americans still believe it was the work of a conspiracy. I was once among them. Back in the early 1970s, as a high school senior and college freshman, I read Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment, Richard Popkin’s The Second Oswald, Penn Jones’ Forgive My Grief, and other […]
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visuel Hall - Powell - Chesebro

When Team Trump's False Prophecies Fail

In the murky reaches of the conspiracy universe, a resounding silence prevails following the recent guilty pleas and sentencing of Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro and Scott Hall. The felony crime of the Trump-aligned trio? Brazenly attempting to conspire in manipulating the results of the 2020 US presidential election. Yet, in the conspiracy theorists' echo chambers, […]
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The QAnon Shaman Isn’t Even the Most Extreme Candidate in His Race for Congress

The man who became a figurehead of the January 6 Capitol riot is planning to run for Congress in Arizona, and he may not even be the most extreme candidate on the ballot. Jacob Chansley, a January 6 rioter known as the QAnon Shaman who wore face paint and horns to breach the Capitol, pleaded […]
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Who is Jackson Hinkle? Twitter's most viral misinformation spreader and anti-Israel activist

In 2018, Jackson Hinkle was a political activist, campaigning for climate justice – and Bernie Sanders. Writing for his High School newspaper, he aimed “to provide factual information and new thoughts to the currently stigmatized scenes of local, national, and international politics”. In the six years since, he has been banned from WhatsApp, YouTube, Paypal, […]
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Conspiracy theories about Michelle Obama's gender spread on Twitter

"What happened to Michael LaVaughn Robinson AKA Big Mike?" says a June 14, 2023 tweet from Simon Goddek, whose account was previously suspended for spreading misinformation about Covid-19. The post includes two photos of Barack and Michelle Obama, one recent and one older. [...] Read more
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