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Conspiracy Theory Book of the Month #2: The Biggest Secret

What’s bigger than a big secret? The Biggest Secret, according to the British conspiracy theorist author and speaker David Icke. The cover of the prolific writer’s book of the same name promises to reveal long-hidden and deeply suppressed knowledge that will do nothing less than “change the world.” Does Icke deliver on his boast? What […]
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New age 'conspiritualism' focus of new Australian research as young people turn away from traditional religion

At a breezy bush camp in the Kimberley, Raquel Teixeira is gazing into a mirror seeking a moment of truth. She inhales deeply and smiles quietly. "There's change coming, and it's going to be huge," she says. Raquel is among a growing number of people embracing a personalised set of new age spiritual practices and […]
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