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Janet Ossebaard: From Crop Circles to QAnon

Swedish police discovered Janet Ossebaard’s lifeless body on December 22, 2023, in Lund, in southern Sweden. She had been missing for several weeks and her last Telegram letter indicated suicidal thoughts. Despite assertions from her partner Cyntha Koeter and old friends about her struggles with depression and a traumatic childhood, wild rumors quickly circulated. Her […]
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Al Jazeera's AJ+ Recycles Bogus Organ Theft Accusations against Israel

A US teacher made headlines last month for denying the reality of the massacres committed by Hamas in Israel on October 7 and stating, "Palestinians are being killed and their organs sold." Shortly after, American-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid shared a video on Instagram claiming that Israel has long been harvesting organs from deceased Palestinians without […]
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Gigi Hadid Israel organ harvesting

Gigi Hadid Accusing Israel of Organ Harvesting Sparks Fury

Gigi Hadid has come under fire for resharing a video that says Israel has harvested the organs of dead Palestinians. Taking to Instagram, the model reshared the video by user Umme Murtaza (umme_murtazaa). In the clip, Murtaza told followers to "watch this disturbing video, where health officials admitted that Israeli authorities had harvested the organs […]
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