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Old TikTok Clip Falsely Claims to Show Palestinians Faking Deaths

By Bill McCarthy (AFP USA)December 8, 2023, ,

In the latest of a series of allegations about staged casualties in the Israel-Hamas war, social media users are claiming a video shows Palestinians faking their deaths. This is false; the clip has been online since at least 2021 and appears to depict a comedy sketch featuring influencers.

"Did you ever see a better #Pallywood video than this?!" says a November 30, 2023 post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The video shows three men arranging themselves in a row on the ground, their eyes closed as though they were dead.

Similar posts spread across X — many invoking the term "Pallywood," a derogatory label blending "Palestine" and "Hollywood." The term has accompanied a flood of "crisis actor" conspiracy theories accusing civilians from both Israel and the Gaza Strip of faking injuries or deaths to garner sympathy and demonize the other side. [...]

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