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"Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth"
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Al Jazeera's AJ+ Recycles Bogus Organ Theft Accusations against Israel

A US teacher made headlines last month for denying the reality of the massacres committed by Hamas in Israel on October 7 and stating, "Palestinians are being killed and their organs sold." Shortly after, American-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid shared a video on Instagram claiming that Israel has long been harvesting organs from deceased Palestinians without […]
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Henry Kissinger is Dead but Conspiracy Theories about him Remain

Henry Kissinger, who died Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023 at the age of 100, was arguably the best known and most controversial western diplomat of the twentieth century. Born into a German Jewish family, he escaped Nazi persecution by fleeing to the United States as a teenager in 1938, then rose to become a celebrated international […]
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The Death of Tafari Campbell and the Conspiracy Theories that Followed

24 November 2023
Tragic Death in Edgartown: On July 23, 2023, Barack Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell drowned during a solitary paddleboarding excursion. At 45 years old, Campbell's life was cut short. His body was recovered the following day in a pond near the summer residence of the former President in Massachusetts. Witnesses described a brief struggle to […]
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visuel Hall - Powell - Chesebro

When Team Trump's False Prophecies Fail

17 November 2023
In the murky reaches of the conspiracy universe, a resounding silence prevails following the recent guilty pleas and sentencing of Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro and Scott Hall. The felony crime of the Trump-aligned trio? Brazenly attempting to conspire in manipulating the results of the 2020 US presidential election. Yet, in the conspiracy theorists' echo chambers, […]
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The Abuse of the Star of David

“In June 1942, a German officer walks up to a young man and says, “Excuse me, sir, where is the Place de l’Étoile?” The young man points to the left side of his chest. (Jewish history.)” Patrick Modiano, La place de l’étoile, Gallimard, 1968 Meditating on the unfathomable nature of the Holocaust, the historian Alain […]
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David Aaronovitch: “Corbyn was one of history’s accidents”

13 April 2021
Conspiracy Watch: Since you wrote your book Voodoo Histories, about conspiracy theories, back in 2009, would you say the phenomenon has grown in size? Why? David Aaronovitch: Obviously, the Internet has played a key role in the creation and spreading of various conspiracy theories. People discovered websites that had the appearance of scholarliness, with footnotes and […]
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