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How a QAnon Prediction Generator Adds up to Millions of Views on X

By Tristan Mendès FranceJanuary 2, 2024,

The technique relies on capturing heightened anticipation of the realization of a prediction

A few days before the new year, the website set up multiple predictive countdowns announcing unnamed major events in world capitals—without anything significant happening.

@QTHESTORMM, the conspiracy theory account which first appeared in May 2021 on X (formerly Twitter) has, since November 2023, been promoting a viral prediction site popular in conspiracy circles:

An anonymous X account with a blue-checked profile, @QTHESTORMM has more than 100,000 subscribers. Frequently referencing the QAnon universe, it displays the 'Q' symbol and shares pro-Trump conspiracy content.

According to, the site was launched on November 17, 2023, and is based on a countdown that is automatically reset whenever the deadline has passed.

The first countdown was announced on November 18 with the mysterious prediction that "Nothing can stop what is coming" and that the undefined prophecy would be fulfiled within ten days.

The prediction was relayed several times on X, some posts collected more than 3000 likes and were viewed more than 800,000 times.

For each deadline that failed to result in a significant event, the site manager simply reset the homepage for a new countdown process. The pattern was repeated several times in November, with similar announcements of an obscure prediction, mimicking the incoherent style of “Q”.

A few days before the new year, posted multiple predictive countdowns announcing major events in world capitals from Paris to Rome, New York, Denver, and Chicago—without anything significant happening.

The technique relies on capturing the social media user's heightened anticipation of the fulfilment of a prediction or prophecy. This is a well-established strategy used notably by some cult movements, 'Q' himself, and other conspiracy influencers.

The originality of the site lies in its systematizing of ephemeral, unrealized predictions which replace each other. Such a strategy enables it to gather a significant audience, accumulating several million views on X.

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Tristan Mendès France
Tristan Mendès France
Tristan Mendès France is an expert in online extremism. Associate professor at Paris Cité University, he specializes in digital cultures. Tristan co-hosts the podcast “Complorama” on French public radio, France Info. He is also the author of “Internet, une infographie” published by the National Center for Scientific Research editions (CNRS 2021).
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