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'Hamas Attack Was an Inside Job': Why Are Wild Conspiracy Theories So Popular?

By Nettanel Slyomovics ( 14, 2023, , ,

Some right-wing Israelis are blaming the Gaza war on the IDF's top brass or on anti-government protesters. From Bibi-ists to Trump, research sheds some light on the search for 'traitors from within'.

Hours after the shocking attack by Hamas, erstwhile soccer player and current sports commentator Maor Buzaglo rushed to point a finger at those who are really to blame for the debacle. “Something isn’t working out in any way here,” he tweeted. “It’s not that they attacked with spaceships or stealth aircraft. Without a single helicopter being scrambled, they simply opened a fence, came in and went out. This is a tremendous fiasco and an act of treason by someone on the inside!! Otherwise, there’s no explanation for this insanity. Time will tell.”

Yes, without even thinking twice, Buzaglo spread a conspiracy theory that Jews have already heard in the past. [...]

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