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The English-language satellite channel Press TV ( is part of the broadcasting service of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Created in 2007 and modeled on Russia Today (RT), Press TV defines itself as an "Iranian international news channel with the participation of Middle East specialists". Its slogan is "Voice of the Voiceless". In January 2012, the United Kingdom revoked its license for lack of editorial independence from the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

With nearly 4 million subscribers on Facebook and more than 320,000 on X, the satellite channel exerts significant political influence, giving credit and visibility to conspiracy ideologists. Broadcasting in English and French, it relays the radical propaganda of the Iranian regime, frequently veering into antisemitism

Press TV regularly accuses the "Zionists" of organizing the September 11 terror attacks, creating the financial crisis, ordering the Sandy Hook school massacre and of being behind the coronavirus epidemic. The channel also hosts conspiratorial or denialist propagandists, such as Peter Rushton, David Duke, Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett. The former British MP Derek Conway, ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone, former British parliamentarian George Galloway and the Swiss Islamist theologian Tariq Ramadan are regular contributors. 

Jeremy Corbyn, the former head of the British Labour Party who was removed for failing to tackle antisemitism within his political party, appeared five times on the channel between 2009 and 2012. His fees amounting to 20,000 pounds were made public in his parliamentary declaration of interests.

On January 8, 2020, an Iranian missile shot down a Ukraine Airlines flight PS752, a few minutes  after the plane left Tehran airport for Kiev. Press TV has given several successive versions of the event.

In its first article published on the day of the tragedy, Press TV cried "fake news", evoking "the ridiculous hypothesis of a missile strike". When three days later, on January 11, the Islamic Republic finally acknowledged its responsibility, Press TV hastily explained its deliberation misinformation as the result of a "US cyber attack", citing, a Russian site specialized in aviation.

On April 1, 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Press TV published a video incriminating the bankers and "their diabolical plans".

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