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A conspiracy rumour has been misleadingly presenting adrenochrome as the ‘drug of the Illuminati’ and claiming that it is taken from children as part of satanic worship.

Adrenochrome is a molecule obtained by oxidation of adrenaline. It can be synthesised in the laboratory. Until proven otherwise, it has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects and cannot be used as a drug.

However, for several years now, a conspiracy rumour with antisemitic origins has been misleadingly presenting adrenochrome as the ‘drug of the Illuminati’ and claiming that it is harvested from children by members of global and Hollywood elites - like the billionaire George Soros, media identity Oprah Winfrey, actor Tom Hanks, and the Clintons and the Obamas - as part of satanic rituals. It is said to be sought after in particular for its supposed regenerative properties (allowing those who take it to remain eternally young). Despite being utterly without factual basis, the theory is widely propagated by QAnon followers, who have gained in influence and now count among their flock several members of Congress. Adrenochrome conspiracies are also popular with adherents of Pizzagate conspiracies and key figures involved with the conspiracy-sphere 2023 cult film The Sound of Freedom.

In 2023 a conspiracy monger spread the idea the code on a bottom of a Pringles can, when typed into the Alibaba shopping website, results in a number of options for buying adrenochrome. The creator, "going by the unsubtle TikTok user name "@natethejewishprofit", posted the video that quickly attracted close to 1 million views soon after it landed on the social media video platform.

This myth, which is very popular within the anti-pedocriminality conspiracy movement (notably QAnon), originated in Terry Gilliam's film Las Vegas Parano (1998), adapted from the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson.

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(Last updated on 15/05/2024)

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