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Masterclass in Manipulation: Exposing Max Blumenthal's Lies About Israel and October 7

Max Blumenthal, the editor of The Grayzone website, wrote a piece on October 27 that can only be described as a master class in manipulation. His article provided the basis for the now widespread conspiracy theory denying that Hamas murdered hundreds of Israeli civilians. No one who knows Blumenthal or The Grayzone was surprised by […]
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Enter the Grayzone: fringe leftists deny the scale of China’s Uyghur oppression

On July 25, Max Blumenthal, the founder and editor of the far-left news site The Grayzone, went on Going Underground, a current affairs show broadcast by the Russian state-controlled TV channel RT. On air, he questioned the scale of the detention of Uyghurs in camps in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province. “I don’t have reason to doubt […]
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