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"Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth"
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Fake Kremlin Video of “French Soldier” in Ukraine Exposed

The French Embassy in South Africa has used humour and sarcasm to unmask a propaganda video fake being spread by official Moscow accounts purporting to feature a so-called “French soldier/mercenary” being “captured” in Ukraine by Russian forces. The video had been spread by conspiracist accounts claiming Western/Nato forces are already on the ground in Ukraine […]
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Why You Should Be Concerned About George Galloway's Political Revival

George Galloway has staged another comeback to the British parliament, garnering the usual labels of  “left-wing firebrand” and “maverick” with a fondness for “inflammatory language”.  Yet the fedora-wearing Scotsman, who has just been sworn in as the new Member for Rochdale, is much more sinister than a mere “controversial figure” or “renegade”.  Galloway is a […]
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The secret labs conspiracy: a converging narrative

“The United States has deployed more than 200 military biological laboratories across the world. Among them, more than 30 have been exposed. The rest are hidden in unknown places. They may be right beside you”, an alarming message warned YouTube users in a video shared on the 21st of May. The creators of the video […]
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