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Conspiracy Theory Book of the Month #3: Conspirators’ Hierarchy: the Committee of 300

Conspiracy theorist literature is full of both real and hypothesized groups of powerful people meeting in various think tanks, committees, councils, and cabals for the purposes of enriching their own power while stripping the power away from those deemed lesser than them. Some of these groups are real, though their imaginary power far outweighs what […]
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Oliver Stone's JFK: a basket case for conspiracy

On 22 November 1963, American president John F Kennedy was shot and killed as he drove through Dallas, Texas. The Warren Commission, charged with investigating the assassination, concluded that he was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone. [...] Read more
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JFK: Oliver Stone's Fictional Reality

Well before the advent of the Hollywood pseudo documentary, Karl Marx suggested that all great events and personalities in world history happen twice: "the first time as tragedy, the second as farce." Oliver Stone's film "JFK" repesents the second coming of Jim Garrison. In 1969, when Jim Garrison's Conspiracy-To-Kill-Kennedy trial collapsed, his entire case that […]
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