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Romana Didulo: Imposter Queen of Canada

Romana Didulo is a prominent conspiracy theorist who emigrated from the Philippines to Canada. She proclaims herself to be the queen, commander-in-chief, president, and the national indigenous leader of the ‘Kingdom of Canada.’ She and approximately 10 of her closest followers currently reside in an abandoned school in the small town of Richmound, Saskatchewan. She […]
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How Conspiracy Theories can Affect the Communities they Attack

Scientists have learned a lot about why people believe in conspiracy theories and how they harm society over the past couple of decades. Yet little is known about how the groups targeted by conspiracy theories feel and behave. Our new research found that conspiracy theories can make people from their target communities want to help […]
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The Death of Tafari Campbell and the Conspiracy Theories that Followed

Tragic Death in Edgartown: On July 23, 2023, Barack Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell drowned during a solitary paddleboarding excursion. At 45 years old, Campbell's life was cut short. His body was recovered the following day in a pond near the summer residence of the former President in Massachusetts. Witnesses described a brief struggle to […]
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