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“Shadow Aliens” Conspiracy Theories Go Viral After Miami Mall Brawl

“Shadow alien” conspiracy theories have run rampant after a brawl at a Miami mall. According to NBC Miami, police responded to reports of a fight breaking out at the Bayside Marketplace on New Year’s Day. After videos began to surface of the heavy police presence at the mall, police confirmed on Friday (Jan. 5) that […]
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"The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You to See" [trailer]

Source: Brian Dunning/YouTube, July 12, 2023. Official website here.
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Romana Didulo: Imposter Queen of Canada

Romana Didulo is a prominent conspiracy theorist who emigrated from the Philippines to Canada. She proclaims herself to be the queen, commander-in-chief, president, and the national indigenous leader of the ‘Kingdom of Canada.’ She and approximately 10 of her closest followers currently reside in an abandoned school in the small town of Richmound, Saskatchewan. She […]
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