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Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Dutch Extremist Thierry Baudet and the Globalization of the 'Reptilian' Conspiracist Far Right

Thierry Baudet was born into a well-to-do family in 1983,  educated at the best educational institutions and appeared destined for a brilliant career.  After a degree in history at Amsterdam University he moved to Leiden University, obtaining his doctorate under Paul Cliteur, the patriarch of many conservative publicists, and Roger Scruton, the prominent conservative philosopher. […]
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Why conspiracy theorists and the Kremlin echo each other's disinformation

"Look at what they're doing with their own people!" In his address to the nation on February 21, Vladimir Putin accused the West of having made pedophilia "the norm." A wild attack typical of the Kremlin leader, but one which resonated with the most far-out conspiracy circles, such as the QAnon community which spreads disinformation […]
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