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French prime minister faces onslaught of online attacks

By Valentin Châtelet (DFR Lab)February 20, 2024,

Investment scam promoted via Meta Ads, AI-fueled smear campaigns on X, and a Russian-led disinformation operation, and ignite a social media frenzy around Gabriel Attal

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is grappling with online attacks targeting him from multiple directions. The DFRLab identified a cryptocurrency scam that impersonated a French newspaper Libération to publish a fraudulent article critical of Attal, which was boosted via Meta ads. It also appears that Russia activated its Doppelganger disinformation operation against Attal, employing suspicious X accounts to amplify a story published by a fake Russian news outlet criticizing the French PM. Further, we observed social media influencers spread unproven narratives against Attal while others hijacked hashtags to boost the exposure of these narratives. We also documented the increasingly frequent use of AI-generated imagery to mock Attal. [...]

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