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Far Right Resurrects Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories

By Miles Klee (Rolling Stone)December 6, 2023, , ,

War in the Middle East and a congressional ethics probe have led conservatives to invoke the long-dead sex offender in political attacks

When notorious pedophile and wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein died in a jail cell in 2019 while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking minors, he left conspiracy theorists with a tangled web of lurid mysteries that would keep them busy for years to come. Suspicions that Epstein hadn’t really hanged himself soon gave way to claims of a vast coverup — the man supposedly murdered to prevent him from revealing the worst secrets of the global elite.

Now, four years later, far-right politicians and commentators are again fixated on Epstein’s personal connections, and using his vile reputation to push a variety of agendas — from trying to derail a congressional ethics probe to raising the temperature of Israel-Hamas war rhetoric. [...]

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