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Nikki Haley targeted by false weather manipulation claims before Iowa caucuses

"Is the Deep State activating HAARP to disrupt the Iowa Caucus? We all know @NikkiHaley has a lot of friends in the defense industry and Military industrial complex," Loomer says in a January 11, 2024 post on X, formerly known as Twitter. [...] Read more
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Climate Conspiracy Theories Flourish ahead of COP28

Climate conspiracy theories are flourishing with lifestyle influencers joining in the misinformation war and scientists hounded on social media, researchers say, as pressure rises on leaders at the COP28 summit. "Mis- and disinformation about the climate emergency are delaying urgently needed action to ensure a liveable future for the planet," the United Nations said in […]
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What is a 15-minute city? The eco concept that has been jumped on by conspiracy theorists

Filtering cars from city streets to reduce emissions and protect residents from harmful air pollution is a no-brainer for environmentalists. But traffic calming measures in Oxford, England have become an unlikely flashpoint in the last few weeks, with some protesters claiming they will lead to a “climate lockdown.” The conspiracy theory concerning 15-minute cities - […]
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