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Robert Sungenis

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Robert Sungenis (1955 - ) is a traditionalist Catholic, an American conspiracy theorist and a Holocaust denier. He has distinguished himself by his violently antisemitic statements and his promotion of geocentrism.

Advocates of this theory like Sungenis, insist that the sun revolves around the Earth and not the other way around. On November 6, 2010, Sungenis organized a conference in South Bend (Indiana) with the same title as one of the books he had co-edited a few years earlier with Robert Bennett: Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right. He also defends this thesis in the film The Principle (2013).

Sungenis believes that man's first step on the moon in 1969 was staged; that crop circles are produced by the government to distract the public from the Bible and Christ; that the 9/11 attacks were organised by Israel using nuclear weapons; and that dinosaurs co-existed on Earth with humans but that Darwinism is a conspiracy to hide it.

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