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"Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth"
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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'Psyops' are psychologically-based communication strategies employed to control an adversary's actions in a conflict or war

The term 'psyops' is an abbreviation of psychological operations. It refers to communication tactics and propaganda using psychology to try to influence a rival or enemy behavior in a conflict setting. The strategy can include activities like dropping leaflets behind enemy lines in an attempt to demoralize troops, encourage desertion, or undermine civilian support. Such tactics were employed by the US army during the Vietnam war. 'Psyops' are also similar to the Kremlin strategy of taking 'active measures' to influence foreign public opinion and actors via information manipulation. Media outlets spreading conspiracy theories frequently circulate far-fetched claims about sweeping 'psyops'. British anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn has labeled the Covid-19 pandemic as "a psychological operation to close down the economy in the interest of mega-corporations".


(Last updated on 01/16/2024)

Conspiracy Watch | The Conspiracy Observatory
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