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False flag

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False flag operations are staged with the goal of falsely attributing an aggression to a rival or enemy

A ‘false flag’ designates a clandestine operation carried out under a false banner. It involves the staging of a bombing, military attack, or hostile maneuver, and making others bear responsibility — thus providing a pretext to justify reprisals against them.

One of the best-known historical examples of a false flag was Operation Himmler on August 31, 1939. Hitler's SS troops posed in Polish army uniforms and staged a covert attack on a German radio station on the border with Poland, even killing a German farmer and concentration camp prisoners to present the bodies as 'evidence' of enemy aggression. The propaganda spread in the German and international press created a justification for the Nazis to invade Poland, leading rapidly to World War II. 

In contemporary conspiracy counterculture, the expression 'false flag' is frequently employed following terrorist attacks, spreading the idea that terrorism, if not directly manufactured by the government of the targeted country, is at least staged with its complicity.

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