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The Microsoft founder has faced accusations of orchestrating the Covid-19 pandemic and wanting to implanting tracking microchips in billions of people.

The founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which holds a financial endowment of nearly $67 billion, Bill Gates has been the subject of conspiracy theories for many years. The philanthropist is accused of covertly supporting the rise of a globalist dictatorship, orchestrating plans for extensive electronic surveillance, and engaging in a sinister scheme to decrease the global population through methods like vaccination

Gates has faced accusations of financing a polio vaccine in India, allegedly leading to the paralysis of 47,000 children. Yet the claim is completely unfounded. The billionaire has even been accused of having organized the Covid-19 pandemic ("proof" of which is a 2015 TED talk in which he warned of the need for better prevention of this type of risk) and the outbreak of monkeypox in May 2022.

As one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet, Gates has become through his foundation one of the main contributors to the budget of the World Health Organisation (WHO). He also funds programs to combat hunger and extreme poverty, as well as numerous health initiatives aimed in particular at speeding up access to vaccinations in developing countries. His Foundation's initiatives to combat AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and polio are said to have saved millions of lives.

Gates reacted on several occasions to the "crazy" and "evil" conspiracy theories targeting him by saying that he was never involved in any "microchip type thing" to implant devices in billions of people via Covid-19 vaccines. 

"It would be laughable if it weren't tragic. There is not the slightest basis for the idea that I would have any particular interest in tracking people's whereabouts. [...] This story makes no sense, and I'm sad that too many people take this kind of rumour seriously. It really is like a bad film script... This conspiracy talk is dangerous, because it prevents people from vaccinating themselves when they could be protecting themselves and their loved ones". 

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(Last updated on 12/21/2023)

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