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Conspiracy Theory Book of the Month #2: The Biggest Secret

Conspiracy Theory Book of the Month #2: The Biggest Secret

By Mike Rothschild
What’s bigger than a big secret? The Biggest Secret, according to the British conspiracy theorist author and speaker David Icke.
Color Revolution

Color Revolution

The term 'Color Revolution' is employed to discredit grassroots movements, insinuating they are manufactured and the result of foreign manipulation.

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ALEXEI NAVALNY. Alex Jones promotes conspiracy theory the Russian dissident leader was murdered by Western intelligence agencies (Source: Media Matters for America, February 16, 2024). Conspiracists claim Navalny was murdered to build support for $60 billion US Ukraine aid bill and variously that he was killed by the CIA or died from the Covid vaccine (Sources: The Daily Dot ; Mike Rothschild/X ; Shayan Sardarizadeh/X ; Ron Filipkowski/X ; February 19, 2024).
Source: Bruin Republicans at UCLA/X, 02/17/2024
RUSSIA. A 19-year Russian sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment after being accused of “spreading disinformation” when he tried to organize a protest (Source: Meduza, February 21, 2024).
SOUTH AFRICA. The ANC’s Fikile Mbalula addressed the ‘Forum of Supporters of the Struggle Against Modern Practices of Neocolonialism’. The event, opened by Syria, and hosted by Moscow, was a gathering of anti-democratic states seeking to entrench the idea that unelected vote-riggers who run their countries like personal fiefdoms are the best guarantors of freedom (Source: The Daily Maverick, February 18, 2024).
VACCINE DISINFORMATION. U.S. independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. spreads falsehoods about Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccines. “Asked if he'd recommend kids get the MMR shot, RFK walked away” (Sources: NBC News ; Brandy Zadrozny/X ; February 20, 2024).
TAYLOR SWIFT. Agent Swift and sinking Tuvalu: Inventing fake conspiracy theories to teach critical thinking. Studying details of conspiracy theories can take students so far, but they learn so much more by having to invent their own fake conspiracy plots (Source: The Skeptic, February 19, 2024).
HOLOCAUST DENIAL. British historian and Holocaust denier David Irving, 85 is reported on some social media platforms to have died, however the claims are eventually denied on his official X account (Sources: Dave Rich/X, February 20, 2024 ; Mark Pitcavage/X, February 21, 2024).
ANTISEMITISM. Why the most antisemitic people in America fall for the same lies. All the punditry about free speech and criticism of Israel has extravagantly missed the point. The big lie that Jews are supervillains manipulating others is winning (Source: The Atlantic, February 19, 2024).
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