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Lucas Gage: When Neo-Nazis and Oct 7 Denialists Meet

Lucas Gage: When Neo-Nazis and Oct 7 Denialists Meet

By Stephanie Share
Gage models negation of the Hamas massacres of Jews on Holocaust denial — and he is not alone
Tucker Carlson Platforms Putin's Conspiracy Propaganda

Tucker Carlson Platforms Putin's Conspiracy Propaganda

By Emma-Kate Symons
According to Putin, the “uncooperative” Poles in WWII “forced” Adolf Hitler to attack their territory

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PORTAL KOMBAT. French Prime Minister agency tasked with tracking foreign online interference uncovered a vast Kremlin digital disinformation network targeting Europe and the United States. According to VIGINUM, 193 “information portals” are spreading anti-Ukraine, pro-Russia propaganda including via "Pravda” sites in France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and the US (Source: Le Monde English, February 12, 2024)
BRITAIN ANTISEMITISM. The Labour Party withdrew support for Azhar Ali, by-election candidate for Rochdale in northern England. The suspension followed revelations Ali promoted conspiracies that Israel deliberately relaxed security before the October 7 massacres of Jews by Hamas to provide a pretext for the invasion of Gaza (Source: France 24, February 13, 2024).
TAYLOR SWIFT. A new poll shows Americans who believe the conspiracy theory the singer is part of a complex plot to drive the Democrats to victory at the November presidential election are also more likely to deny Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Close to one in five Americans subscribe to the Swift conspiracy theory, with more than 70 per cent of those believers “identifying with or leaning towards” the Republican Party, and 83 per cent likely to back Donald Trump (Source: Politico, February 14, 2024).
ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. Conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s backers ran a $7 million ad during the Superbowl playing on a “mistaken identity” between the presidential election candidate, and his uncle John F. Kennedy. The promotional spot used sound and images from a 1960 JFK presidential campaign with RFK Jr’s face pasted in. His famous family were furious (Source: NY Magazine, February 12, 2024).
OLIVER STONE. Australian journalist Peter Fitzsimons published an “appallingly uncritical” interview with pro-Putin movie maker and conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone. Historical falsifications proferred by Stone included claims that the US “staged a coup in Ukraine in 2014” and that the Kyiv is run by an “illegal gangster government” (Source: Robert Horvath/X ; Sydney Morning Herald, February 11, 2024).
HARVARD UNIVERSITY. UN special rapporteur for the Palestinian territories Francesca Albanese reiterated her widely repudiated claims that the October 7 Hamas attacks were not antisemitic, in a remote address to Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. Albanese had earlier singled out French President Emmanuel Macron for saying Hamas’ October 7 attack was the “greatest antisemitic massacre of the 21st century.” “Saying that the motivation was antisemitism is wrong and dangerous. I’m not saying that people in Hamas are absolutely not antisemitic...but this attack was launched as a way to break the occupation, against the apartheid” (Source: JNS, February 13, 2024).
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