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Sovereign Citizen Arguments Work Nowhere in the World

Sovereign Citizen Arguments Work Nowhere in the World

By Christine Sarteschi
Followers of the anti-government movement consistently waste court time and public money
False flag

False flag

False flag operations are staged with the goal of falsely attributing an aggression to a rival or enemy

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TUCKER CARLSON.Defending Vladimir Putin's leadership and the invasion of Ukraine is a recurrent theme of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s broadcasts on X. His upcoming recorded interview with Putin tracks with his long history of pro-Kremlin propaganda (source: MMFA, February 6, 2024).
RUSSELL BRAND. The British comedian disclosed his enduring friendship with radical conspiracist David Icke during an appearance on Tucker Carlson's show. The former BBC presenter Brand commended Icke as ahead of his contemporaries. Their longstanding relationship spans nearly two decades, with Icke making two appearances on Brand's BBC program in 2008 (source: Mirror, January 31, 2024).
BBC. A BBC program coordinator faced disciplinary action after sharing a series of antisemitic messages on Facebook. The posts included references to the "holohoax" (a Holocaust denial term questioning the authenticity of the Holocaust), "AshkeNazis", and a Rothschild conspiracy. Additionally, the individual described the Jewish people as a "subcontinental Caucasian invader coloniser species with zero indigenous/blood", alluding to pseudo-historical theories concerning the Khazars (source: Deadline, Feburary 1, 2024).
ROTHSCHILD FAMILY. Journalist Mike Rothschild explores the longstanding antisemitic conspiracy theories surrounding the Rothschild family. He analyzes the persistence of these myths and prejudices, drawing connections between them and broader conspiracy theories such as QAnon. He laments how these conspiracy theories overshadow the real legacy of the Rothschilds and contribute to antisemitism in the present day (source: Spear's, Feburary 1, 2024).
VACCINATION. The majority of rabbis are advocating for vaccination in response to a measles outbreak concentrated within the Orthodox community of New York. However, a small but vocal faction remains skeptical, attributing the situation to a conspiracy orchestrated by the U.S. government (source: The Times of Israel, February 6, 2024).
RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. ISD research showcases how the Israel-Hamas war is being weaponised by pro-Kremlin actors targeting German audiences (source: ISD, January 31, 2024).
ANTISEMITISM. The “Jewish lobby’ have their “tentacles” in places of power, claims Australian left-wing Greens parliamentarian. Jenny Leong, who describes herself as “anti-racist” on X, had previously taken issue with Hamas’ October 7 attack, describing as “unprovoked” (source: The Jerusalem Post, February 7, 2024).
10/7. According to recidivist conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn, “What happened on October 7th was arranged by the Israeli State” (source: Campaign Against Antisemitism/X, February 7, 2024).
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