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How “Disease X” Conspiracy Theories Hamper Preparations for Actual Future Pandemics

How “Disease X” Conspiracy Theories Hamper Preparations for Actual Future Pandemics

By Mike Rothschild
We’re still dealing with COVID, but conspiracy influencers are already on to the next pandemic
The Rise and Fall of Willem Engel

The Rise and Fall of Willem Engel

By Pepijn van Erp & Peter Zegers
The Dutch dance instructor gained global notoriety as an activist and conspiracy theorist during COVID-19


The term "psyops" is an abbreviation of "psychological operations"

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ALIENS. Sean Kirkpatrick, former director of the all-domain anomaly resolution office (Aaro), a branch of the US Department of Defense, asserted that conspiracy theorists within the US government are spreading myths about UAPs (or "unidentified anomalous phenomena"), leading to unnecessary expenses for taxpayers. Kirkpatrick criticized some elected representatives for embracing unfounded accounts of secret UFO research programs without any proof, citing sensationalist allegations made last year by former officer David Grusch (source: The Guardian, January 17, 2024).
DONALD TRUMP. "Where We Go We Go All", the rallying cry of QAnon, received applause and acknowledgment from Donald Trump during a meeting focused on the Republican primaries. This highlighted his genuine or feigned affinity for the conspiracy movement that views him as its hero (source: The New Republic, January 23 2024; The Independent, January 24, 2024).
ELON MUSK. On Saturday January 20 members of the Patriot Front, an American white supremacist group, staged a march in New York City targeting Blacks, Arabs, pro-Palestinian communists and Jews. Following the march, numerous accounts on X claimed without any evidence that the Patriot Front was likely a bogus group set up by the FBI to instigate unrest in the country. Elon Musk endorsed this theory, pointing to a photo depicting the arrest of Patriot Front members in 2022 as suspicious (source: Forbes, January 24, 2024).
ONLINE ANTISEMITISM. New report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue's (ISD) Coalition to Counter Online Antisemitism (CCOA) investigates the contemporary challenges of online Holocaust denial and distortion. The report says that after 10/7, antisemitism surged on multiple social media platforms, mainstream and fringe, amid a dramatic rise in antisemitic acts (240% increase in Germany, a three-fold rise in France and a surge in Italy) contributing to heightened insecurity within communities (source: ISD, January 26, 2024).

WEF. An article published by the website The People's Voice, formerly known as NewsPunch, claimed that the World Economic Forum's executive chairman Klaus Schwab confessed that a "political revolution" was destroying his plan for a "Great Reset". This website is known for spreading false information (source: AP, January 26, 2024).

HOLOCAUST DENIAL. Holocaust denier Vincent Reynouard faces extradition to France. The French antisemitic activist, who had been hiding in a Scottish fishing village called Anstruther, was taken into custody in November 2022 (source: The Guardian, January 26, 2024).
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