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Why Does Anyone Believe Etsy is Selling Children?

Why Does Anyone Believe Etsy is Selling Children?

By Mike Rothschild
No. E-commerce sites like Etsy are not using disguised listings for child sex trafficking. Despite lack of evidence and company denials, the theory persists, fueled by influencers and previous similar theories like Pizzagate and QAnon
Romana Didulo: Imposter Queen of Canada

Romana Didulo: Imposter Queen of Canada

By Christine Sarteschi
Her followers regularly serve “cease and desist” orders to courts, hospitals, nursing homes, bill collectors, and other individuals for “crimes against humanity” or “treason.” They post videos of themselves serving these orders, proudly declaring support for their queen
John Pilger Tributes Skip over Lifelong Passion for Conspiracy Theories—and Dictators

John Pilger Tributes Skip over Lifelong Passion for Conspiracy Theories—and Dictators

By Emma-Kate Symons
Avowedly anti-American journalist has died, generating widespread acclaim
Al Jazeera's AJ+ Recycles Bogus Organ Theft Accusations against Israel

Al Jazeera's AJ+ Recycles Bogus Organ Theft Accusations against Israel

By The Editorial Staff
The rumor that Israel secretly harvests organs from Palestinian corpses has gained new momentum with the resurgence of conflict in the Middle East

Alex Jones Launches 'Anti-Globalist' Online Video Game

By Tristan Mendès France
Alex Jones Launches 'Anti-Globalist' Online Video Game
InfoWars boss says game has "Deep State" panicked
How a QAnon Prediction Generator Adds up to Millions of Views on X

How a QAnon Prediction Generator Adds up to Millions of Views on X

By Tristan Mendès France
The technique relies on capturing heightened anticipation of the realization of a prediction

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NOVA FESTIVAL. Hamas murdered more than 360 at the Nova festival in Israel last October. In response to a disturbing wave of denialism, the documentary "Nova" has emerged, showcasing chilling footage from both attendees and terrorists. It is a crucial testimony countering those distorting the truth (Source: Ha'Aretz, 1 January 2024).
SECRET TUNNEL. News of an underground tunnel system has exploded into a morass of conspiracy theories (Source: Rolling Stone ; Forward ; Forward, 9 January 2024).
U.S. CAPITOL ATTACK. The conspiracy theory, which has been debunked repeatedly by the FBI and in evidence presented in court cases against rioters charged and convicted for the attacks, has been spread by some right-wing media figures and Donald Trump himself (Source: Global News, 6 January 2024).
JEFFREY EPSTEIN. Dozens of sealed court documents related to the late Jeffrey Epstein were made public in connection to a 2015 lawsuit filed by one of his victims. The documents mostly mention figures whose names were already known but their release has reactivated a number of enduring conspiracy theories surrounding the Epstein affair. (Source: Mike Rothschild, MSNBC, 4 January 2024).
ALIENS. “Shadow alien” conspiracy theories have run rampant after a brawl at a Miami mall. According to NBC Miami, police responded to reports of a fight breaking out at the Bayside Marketplace on New Year’s Day (Source: Vibe, 8 January 2024).
SCIENCE. "The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You to See" is a new feature-length indie documentary film produced by Brian Dunning. In an age when misinformation, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories have become mainstream, UFOs have risen to become one of the most-talked about pop culture phenomena. It is now available in full, for free (Source: Brian Dunning/YouTube, 29 December 2023).


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